There are very few instances that i write something with feelings.

Being emotionally dumb and all, but never have i ever been so genuinely happy about the success of someone until now.

Not that i have not actually been happy for someone before. But this time, it’s surreal happiness.

Like as if you finally decided to buy your very first iPhone. You feel the very moment the first time you peel the thin adhesive tape seal and read all the leaflets included in the package as if they really mean anything to you. The way you marvel at the white colored charger and plastic casing of your new earphones you surely will destroy in month’s time. The amazement you feel when you see the glorious architecture and appreciate the amount of thoughts put in building your unit. That kind of happy.

So this is how it feels like to have real human emotions? I dunno.

But i am proud and happy for a friend.

Just that


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surrounded by kindness

It’s Froiday! And you know what that means…

I don’t know if this is just a phase, but the folks from my new work is really nice. They’re like killing me with kindness.


Not that it’s bad or anything, but the change in the office environment is overwhelming.

They offer help even when you don’t really need them yet.

They are passionate with what they do and rallies to uphold the same passion to everyone else in the team.

They say hi to you when they meet you anywhere.

They value the fact that we have lives outside the office and ensures we finish work right on time even if the task is really hard.

They smile, tell clean jokes, and laugh at the simplest pun.

They know how Fridays work and how to have fun.

The bosses are really approachable to the point I can’t comprehend.

Yeah, these are just some of my first few observations from all these shenanigans at work this week. All is good.

Plus the added soda vendo which gives me other options for my caffeine fix.

But nonetheless, first impressions last they say.

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point of view

So yeah. I recently got a physical exam. And guess what? I grew half an inch taller.

Well the last time I got the chance to measure my height was roughly 4 years ago.


Maybe you’re wondering why I make a big deal out of it. Well it’s because the last time I was measured, I was already at 6 feet plus barely 3 inches.

Now I officially crossed the 6’3” mark and half an inch taller.

For a guy living in a country barely making it to 5’5″ average height, being 6 feet 3 inches tall is weird.

I remember being only 5’7” in my grade four elementary days where me and my papa was already at the same height. Then my growth hormones started to shoot up from then.

They say your highschool height will be your most likely permanent height all through out your life. But it was not the case for me. It helped me in a way since no body messes with me in high school because of it. I graduated barely passing the 6’2” mark.

The growing did not stop. I grew to almost an inch in my years in college. Then things finally started to slow down.

And believe me, the growth pains were never pleasing all throughout. There were and still are times that my knees creak whenever I walk or even sit. Not to mention I cannot sit down on extended periods of time. I also have marks from exponential shoulder frame growth. These stuff.

Well now. Just when I thought everything is stable, I’ve grown without knowing it.

I guess it’s one of the quirks of being me.

To answer a few questions:

No, I do not play basketball.
No, my parents are average in height.
No, I did not take any special vitamins or medications.
No, I’m not adopted – I got my tall genes from my Hispanic-Cebuano roots.
And No, the weather is the same up from here.

Seeing the world at half an inch higher now. Fun!

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Positive Influence

It’s Froiday! And the almost end of my first ever work week of the year. And you know what that means…


There are a number of important life lessons imparted to me by various people from my previous work that I admit to have overlooked. Well most of them are from my bosses. (Yes I had a number of boss.)

Why I overlooked them? I admit I’m too overly perplexed at what was happening inside my brain that time which caused them to look skewed in my thought process.

And now that I got them cleared out, they started to sink in me. They make sense now.

1. Work is never a perfect story. Sometimes you have to change the way you see it to make it look like the coolest career to have.

2. Know what you want and work your way towards achieving it – Gather the balls to stick to your decisions and be ready to manuever your way to the right path whenever a forked road is ahead.

3. Always be at the top of your game. You’ll never know when your personal enemy will attack.

4. We can never leave the roles we’re supposed to do. We may decide not to do them anymore, but we can never avoid facing responsibilities they entail.

5. You are never too old for a career change. Though the consequences can be graver as time pass by, still it’s not impossible.

yeah, I may never say this too often but I am lucky enough to have worked with very nice people who only wishes the best for me and my career. I am thankful that I got the chance to know them.

But life has to move on now. =)

Pushing through with life will give me the chance to meet wonderful people like them.

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new city

Well I guess I’m back on track! This life hiatus is now a wrap.

I got a job!!

I can put my creative process to the test.


But it feels good that things now have the potential to turn out great. (Not that the much needed break was not, it did.) And I’m loving this ultra optimism I got from the break which should be able to keep me up on track for at least a year.

I got a lot of thoughts running through my brain right now.

Poor turn out in career shift.

Yeah, blame me for not trying hard enough. Sure the opportunities sounded cool and I’m greatful that companies are willing to take me in, but allowing myself to step back and think about it – my heart was never a 100% sure if those were the right paths for me to take.

It’s like making a decision of putting 3 years of experience to trash and trying out something that I know for a fact I’m no good at.

So I decided to be risk averse this time.
Not that this line of work I have is easier. Believe me, I saw people falter in this field. It is challenging. I cannot say that this is a comfort zone, but at least I have this chance to be at the top of my game.

New Old City

I will be spending most of my life now in a new but old city away from the bustling Makati corporate jungle. Let’s just say I will be surrounded by gorgeous men. We’ll see.

New industry.

I’ll be working for a company involved in a growing industry. I won’t be dealing with massive budget cuts, savings target and debt servicing anymore.

A more appropriate shift for my soul.

I’m definitely trying this unconventional work shift. I hope this works in my favor – avoiding rush hour and more time for other stuff.


The needed break was pivotal for me to rethink my priorities in life. To reflect on what really matters and to what makes me genuinely happy.

Yeah, I guess these are the thoughts that play in your mind right as you enter a new phase in life.

The challenge is to be motivated, make smart decisions, and stay true to my personal happiness.

I’m ready to crush these petty ideologies and get back to BS office work. :/


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