In need of luck


Luck ain’t on our side this time.

We are searching for the unsearchable. Scouring the scathed remains of our solitude, the treachery of our past.

I should’ve never believed on false hopes. But I trusted my guts. Never noticed the red flags because I was focused. I wanted to get the job done. To achieve this goal we decided together.

I was running towards it. I was running. I was running alone, never noticed. Not once.

Funny, you could have told me to stop. Yet you never did.

I guess luck ain’t on my side this time.


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I dunno what happened. It just stopped.

In the greater world view, it was never love that keeps the world go round.

It is with patience that fuels our desires – That drives our passion. That challenges our attitude over an array of worldly merits, of thinking.


Patience, it is.

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I used to like the color blue

I dunno. Been off with this thing lately.

With the holidays, with work, with things that are uncertain, with life.

I used to like the color blue.

Some random stuff i realize as i go through with life’s happening.

I always set my vision to what i think i prefer to see. I choose the things i want in my life. I get trapped in the vision of what is on the surface. I accept the things that manages to infiltrate my barricaded mind. Not minding the little things that make me genuinely happy.

I go for the big stuff. That utopian cup of desires. Filled with discontent.

I used to like the color blue. A color superficial to its meaning of peace, vast skies, deep oceans and inedible delight.

There used to be something special about that color and its hues.

The thing is, i don’t see them the way i used to.



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right now


Feeling the warmth of the sun – exudes a certain brilliance of life. That certain uncertainty it has.

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Just when everything starts to feel falling apart.

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